or the most part, my rods have a faster action than other bamboo rods and generally speaking have much finer tips. The various 2 piece and 3 piece models that I offer adapt to their given set of circumstances very, very well. They continue to adapt. Rods are meant to be fished and their tapers are not based on blasting out as much line as possible, or weighing next to nothing. Instead, I base all design on the ability to fish the clock. Curve casts, roll casts, steeple casts, etc...these are simply the manipulations we go through to catch fish. Your ability to fish the clock will be greatly enhanced with a rod that adapts well to its given set of circumstances.

“It is not how abundant nor how considerable our catch be, but rather to the sport, and manner in which our quarry, the noble trout is angled.” ~J.B. Martin