ll of my rods are proprietary in that they do not have anyone else's hardware on them. Each one of them is started and completed by my hands only. All of my rods are built with a spiral node stagger and each rod originates from a single culm. I do not purchase wood spacer blanks, I find my own hardwoods and rough cut dozens of them. I have them all stabilized before turning them. Each cork grip is turned for its intended rod and proportioned accordingly. Each of these rods has a point of view both in taper design and fit and finish. These rods are not an amalgam of different parts and pieces fitted together in hopes that they all work as a single thought.

“Every piece of hardware has to sing in tandem with it’s given rod. It’s kind of like putting a pair of dragon fly wings on a mayfly, some things have to be created as a single thought in order to fly right.” ~C.J. Bova